Friday, November 18, 2011


My favorite holiday was another success.  This year we dressed up as Chase's favorite people the Peanuts.  Chase of course Charlie Brown, Brayden was Woodstock, and I was Lucy.  We got out early on Monday night and hit the neighborhood. We walked around most of our development before Chase told me his hands were freezing.  Than we did our usual drive to the SLP Bjorgaard's street for more treats!!!
We got more than enough candy as we still are eating it today almost a month later.  And Brayden can't even have most of it so that is bad for me!

This is our next door neighbor's house they go way out for Halloween covering the yard and house with decorations. 

This picture turned out too funny!!  Me standing next to my favorite slasher villain Jason Voorhees and it looks like he's going to chop my head off.  Love it!!
Candy bags

I had bought some small pumpkins at the Farmer's market and we painted them.  Chase took a different approach to painting them.  Just covering them with as much paint as he could.   
Some sad looking pumpkins.  Eric and I ended up craving these ourselves.  Brayden was sleeping and the neighbor boy was over so Chase had no interest.  So Eric and I had spent some quality time craving pumpkins.

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