Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chase passes his 3rd session of swimming!!!

Chase started his 3rd swimming session at Foss this spring.  The class was Baby Back Float 4 which started with one of us in the pool with him for the first couple of weeks and eventually just him in the pool.  It took a couple times for Eric to be able to get out of the pool and Chase to not cry. But by the end of the session it was like we had never been in there with him to begin with.  He is doing great at putting his face in the water and swimming with his face in the water.  He is so strong with his big hands splashing all over the place.  If he can just get both of his big feet kicking at the same time he'll be a better swimmer than his mom. 
We are heading on vacation to a lake this weekend so hopefully he can put what he has learned to work. 
His taking the summer off from lessons but when he goes back in the fall he gets to skip a whole class because he did so well. 

Below some photos and a video of his class.

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