Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chase's 1st day of school

We decided to enroll Chase into an 8 week summer preschool program in Hopkins so he can have a little more kid social time.  Also to get used to the fact that there are more people out there besides us and uncle Russ.  He started on Tuesday and everything seemed to go o.k. Eric and I brought him and there were no tears when we left which I was a little nervous about.  The night before he had asked if Russ, daddy, or I could come with him and stay with him at school.  Once we got in the classroom he found a toy and didn't even care when we left.  I even held it together and didn't cry.  The program is 2 times a week a couple hours in the morning.  I hope he enjoys it because we have enrolled him already for the next school year with the same schedule. 

Here are some shots of him and us on his 1st day.

Not sure what is with this smile.  (so hard to get a good smile out of the kid)

Me and my big guy!

He looks so sad in this picture :(

A little pre-basketball game before school.

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