Monday, April 12, 2010

Chase's new bedroom set on it's way!!

So after a lot of looking (and I mean alot). I finally found a bedroom set that should work great in Chase's new pad. He's moving into the old guest room (which is pretty small) while baby moves into his current room. I figure in a couple years if he wants to he can move back into the baby's room and get the bigger bedroom. And also an excuse for me to re-decorate another room. Or if baby #2 is a boy I might move them both into the bonus room (in a couple years) which is a lot bigger and make them share a space.

Bad thing about the bedroom set. Is that it's going to take a couple weeks to get here. We had it shipped to the house for shipping to the store would have taken longer(??). So in the next couple weeks I need to repaint his new room and get ready for the furniture to come.

I found the bed at Totally Kids Fun Furniture in Bloomington. Really cute store but they mostly had bunk beds and loft beds on the show room floor. This model I found on their website So I haven't got to see it in person yet so really excited too.

Here's a picture of the new bed. It's a twin size and we also ordered a dresser to match. His room is being done in blues, whites, and oranges. He has a space theme going on. Sure hope he likes it!!

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