Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Year Photo Session

A couple weeks ago we had Chase's 2 year old photo shoot at JCPenney's. Let me just say not the best experience of our lives. He didn't want to be there and keep leaving the studio. Eric tried like heck to get him to smile for the lady but he just wasn't having it. Left me almost in tears. It did make it easy to pick out photos since there was only a couple to pick from.

Here are a couple pics from his session. I scanned them and they didn't scan very well. The first shot we couldn't resist getting. No we aren't making him take an oath. He did that on his own. On the second shot sure looks like he's about to cry but I thought it was cute. And the finally shot he smiled.

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  1. That first pic is priceless! What made you decide to do Penny's verse Paula?