Thursday, April 15, 2010

Target Field (WOW!!!)

The view from our seats and Minny's skyline.

The Minny and Paul Sign in the outfield

The Plaza

My 1st hot dog at the new field. It was excellent!!
The "Man" Joe Mauer

The outfield
The Budweiser Deck-they rent out this top spot for private parties.

Eric was able to score some tickets for this exciting opening week at the new field. Nothing better than taking a half day from work and going to a ball game. We decided not to bring Chase this time. The Delacy's joined us for the game. I was a little late since it took me forever to find a place to park. Eric was down there at 10:30 to check out the place.
The day started out cloudy but by the time I reached my seat it was sunny and hot!! The place was all that and a bag of chips. It was surreal to walk into an outdoor stadium that was full of people (I got goosebumps). Such an improvement from the Metrodome. From all the great food stands to the plasma tv's everywhere, the water efficient toilets, charging stations for your cell phones, and the field itself. This is the way baseball should be played.
We did some exploring of the place but mostly watched the game. Our seats were between 3rd base and home plate. We were 5 rows back in our section but there is also a dugout section in front of where we sat. We were fully in the sun (part of the rows are covered). I managed to get sun burnt. Can you believe that a sun burn in April in MN!!!
Eric's quote was something like "you can take me now". It will be a great place to bring the kids to watch a baseball game instead of a stuffy dome. All in all a great half day off!!
Or yeah and the Twins pulled off another win 8-0 against the Red Sox.

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