Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kids Birthday cakes

So for Chase's Birthday last week I decided I wanted to make him a cake and not order one. My mom used to make us cakes figured it couldn't be that hard. I decided since it was a Mickey Mouse party theme I would have to do a Mickey Cake. I couldn't find a Mickey Mouse cake pan with out paying big bucks on E-bay. I was telling this to my sister in-law when she says "I might have a Mickey Mouse cake pan." Sure enough she did and it's exactly what I was looking for.

My mom was down here to help and we got started on Saturday at 2:00 after Chase went down for a nap. The cake batter went into the pan fine but was taking a long time to bake. It was finally done and had cooled when I went to take it out this is what happen.

So we had to go to plan B which was use a couple different shape round cake pans and make his head and ears. This all went a lot better but took some time to do since we had to bake the 3 pieces at different times. We had to make a trip to the store for more cake mixes and the party store for an icing kit. Which they didn't have Mickey Mouse so we bought a Dora Explorer icing kit. (we were looking for skin tone color) This is how they turned out before the frosting.

My mom gets all the credit for getting this cake frosted. We used a chocolate spray can of frosting for his ears and around his head. She made up a batch of white icing and than we mixed up the skin tone color from the Dora icing kit. Only to realize that Dora is Mexican and we were going to have a dark skin Mickey. She mixed more white icing in and it came out perfect. Just added the tongue, eyes, and a nose and 11:00 that night we had a Mickey Mouse cake with 24 cupcakes.

Lesson here: It would have been easier to buy a cake at a store!!! I will not be quiting my day job to pursue cake making.

The Final Result-Thanks Grandma Sue!!

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