Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter pictures come lately

Chase attempting to give Addy a hug.

Chase and his bowling set.

We stayed back for Easter this year and went to church with family and friends. Than we headed out for brunch. Which was good but we had to wait an hour to be seated. No fun waiting with small kids. Than we headed back home for a relaxing afternoon.

The Easter Bunny brought Chase a bowling set. Ever since Russ took him to the bowling alley one afternoon he can't stop talking about going bowling again. We also had a small egg hunt with candy and money. Once he discovered candy in the one egg he really didn't want to look for any more eggs. But he eventually found them all.

Grandpa made a surprise visit last week and also brought him some goodies and he had another egg hunt. Next year I'm sure he'll really be into in.

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