Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fonzie turns 9!!

The birthday's continue at the Bjorgaard household. Russ was in the beginning of March and now Fonzie. Next Chase, Brayden and me in the next 3 mths. Can't believe we have had this guy for 9 years now. He was our only baby for a long time. These days not as much attention is paid to him. He takes it in stride. He is so great with the kids! Only tries to take their food when it's at his level. He is the only one of the kids that gets to sleep with us every night. He takes his spot at the foot of the bed every night and snores away. In the photo below he has made his way next to Eric just like Chase does. He spends most days sleeping in his old age. When it's sunny out he takes his spot out on the front stairs. He still enjoys any food you give him and is always present at the dinner table. To celebrate his birthday we bought cookies to make. They were Easter Bunny sugar cookies ones but figured what the heck. We even gave the Fonz a whole cookie. (he's old now what is it going to hurt) Below the boys enjoying their cookies.

Fonzie you are truly woman's best friend. When I come home each night most days you hear me and come wagging your butt. When ever I do get a chance to sit down you are always there to try to hump my arm when you finally get the hint that's not going to happen you make a great foot warmer. I wish there was more time to spend walking you, playing with you, and even napping with you..

Here is a baby picture of Fonzie. He was 8lbs when we got him and has grown to be 38lbs of muscle and a big lovable baby.

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