Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break at the Water Park!!

The other weekend we joined the Rislov and their 2 kids and the McBride's and their 2 kids for a little spring break in Alexandria. The Arrow Wood Resort was the water park we chose. We all took Friday off and headed up in the afternoon. Once we checked in it was right to the water park. Our only complaint was the kiddie area was a little chilly. The lazy river and basketball pool were warm but not that easy to hold 2 kids in those pools all day/night. Everyone had a great time. The kids loved the water park, pools, and slides. The boys enjoyed the arcade. The adults enjoyed the fact that we could have a couple drinks, play games, and not have to drive anywhere. All and all a great weekend. Here are some photos. This was my little swim mate all weekend.

Chase-Saturday no nap =out at the water park at 4.

Parker's arcade prize he shared with Chase. (eye patch and sword)
They were suppose to be saying "Water Park"
We found the gym on the hotel grounds and had the kids race.
Brayden and Landon enjoying pancakes.

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