Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chase's 3rd Birthday Party

Last Sunday we celebrated Chase's 3rd Birthday with family.  The theme was pirate due to his love for the new show on Disney Jr.  Of course a lot of planning went in to the party by me (always over do it) and it all went very well.  He enjoyed his day and is enjoying all his gifts even more. Plus with all the clothes he got his summer wardrobe is pretty much complete.  Here is one of my favorite shots.  Hard these days to get a good smile out of the little guy. 

The kids enjoyed some fish sticks, popcorn shrimp, and ants on the logs (all pirate food) And of course some dirty punch. We sent the kids on a treasure hunt around the house to collect some pirate gear and a treasure at the end (their gift bags).  Of course I had the fancy camera set on the wrong setting for the hunt so no good pictures from that.  But did get some shots of the kids sword fighting.

Some other shots from the party.  Cake, cupcakes, gifts, and an attempt at a family shot. 

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