Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Champion seats at the Twins game!!!

Eric got some tickets to the Twins game on the 4th which were for the Champions Club.  With the tickets besides seats behind home plate we got valet parking, a buffet before/during/after the game, free snacks all though the game, free drinks, access to the sky deck level, a window to watch the indoor batting cages, padded seats, a waitress, and the best thing on a hot day the option of air conditioning.  At any time you could just leave your seat and go underneath to the dinning area in the a/c with of course a full bar and food to eat.  It was a very nice way to see a baseball game on a really hot day!!!  Since it was so hot that day I drank more water than beer but Eric made up for both of us on the beer.  My camera wasn't working the best (Brayden got a hold of it that weekend) so all the pictures indoors were really blurry.  I took a couple with my phone but not a lot.  So not a ton of pictures to share.  I would recommend these seats to anyone.  Eric got ours for a discount so if possible do it that way. 
This is where we parked and entered. It was underneath the stadium.

The candy bar was just one of the many stations they had for food. Which was included with the tickets.

A shot from our seats of the Twins dugout.
Eric next to one of the World Series Trophies

Me next to the other World Series Trophies.

Joe Mauer

Warm ups (not sure why but my camera had a white haze on everything must have been the heat)

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