Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Part #3

For the last stop on our 9 days of vacation we headed up to Leach Lake in Walker.  Eric's dad rents a big cabin so we can all spend the weekend together.  This year we lost Cheri and the girls due to working conflicts.  Once again the weather wasn't the best.  At least it was warmer than 50 degrees like a couple years ago.  It becomes hard to entertain 2 little busy boys and we soon found out Walker didn't have much to do.  When they get a little older they can spend all day on the lake fishing like the rest of the crew.  Ed and Sue watched the boys one night so we could head to the casino.  I don't think the kids gave them too much trouble so it was a nice evening for all of us. 
On Sunday when we made our trek back home it was Father's Day.  At Chase's request he wanted to return to the mini golf course in Jenkins we had been to earlier in the week.  Since it made him so happy Eric agreed to stop on our way back. 
Below are some pictures from our trip there. Chase didn't golf as well as he did the second time around but still had a lot of fun doing it. 

Chase and Brayden happy to be home after a long trip even help me unpack!!

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