Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 Year and 1 year photo shoot

Back in May we took the boys to Paula for their yearly pictures.  Of course my healthy baby wakes up that morning with a fever and cranky (darn shots).  So he didn't really want much to do with sitting still to take a picture.  She managed to get enough good shots of him so it makes me hard to pick my favorite. 
Chase on the other hand was a ham and didn't want her to stop taking pictures of him.  Such a change from a year and a half ago when she took his pictures and I think we got him to smile once. 
Below are just a few of their pictures.  I'm just getting around to ordering prints for family and us so thought I would share some on the blog. 
She does great with kids and has a great studio for shooting and goes out to other locations too. 


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