Monday, August 8, 2011

Here we come Disney World (in Oct)

Eric really wanted to take his 2nd week of vacation this year and head to a warmer spot with the boys.  So we are heading to FL again this fall.  We are going to stay at his boss's house in Anna Marie Island.  We picked a week in October. Even though there isn't snow here (a lot anyway) it's a warmer month in FL.  So we can enjoy the beach and ocean a little more than last time.  When we went 2 years ago in November the days were warm enough but the days were also shorter so by 6:00 it was dark out. 
Uncle Russ will be joining us this time for part of the vacation as will Grandma Char & Grandpa Randy.  We are taking the kids to the "Happiest Place on Earth".  We know they boys won't remember much (only in the 100 pictures I take) but none of us has been to Disney World so excited to get out there and see what everyone is always talking about.  Chase is exicted to see were Mickey Mouses lives. I think he'll be looking for the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" from the tv show.  And with his love of the fair rides from a couple weeks ago (a post to come of that soon) I think he will enjoy riding as well. 

So with that looking forward to an extra warm dose of sunshine this fall to go ontop of the great hot summer we have had!!!

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