Friday, August 19, 2011

Camping at Grandma Char's

One weekend in July Russ took the boys down to Hastings to Grandma Char's house.  Eric and I got an evening with out kids and the boys got an evening with out us.  The plan was to camp in the back yard but it was one of those weekends were it was 100 degrees out so we decided against it.  The boys did get to enjoy a new pool they bought and a trip to a carnival. 
On Saturday night Eric and I went down also to spend the night and even though it was hotter than an oven we had a fire just so we could have smores.  Char and Randy do have a camper parked in their driveway (with air) so on Saturday night Chase got his 1st camping experience inside a camper with a tv/movie & air conditioning.  Not exactly roughing it but it's the kind of camping his mommy prefers too.

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