Friday, August 19, 2011

Pennington County Fair!

The boys and I headed up to TRF for the county fair in July. We spent an extra couple days to visit with the family.  Chase loved the kiddie rides.  He rode the motorcycles and 4-wheelers over and over again.  He even tried some of the bigger rides that spin to much for me these days. 

Here are some pictures of Chase and Bridger on the rides.

My mom paid for the boys to go into these bubbles and run around.  We were the only ones at the bubbles at the time so Chase and Bridger had no idea what to do in them.  They just sat there for 10 mins finally at the end jumping around.  They couldn't hear very well as we sat outside the bubbles yelling at them trying to tell them what to do. 

Brayden on the other hand didn't get to ride.  He spent most of the day in the stroller.  He really didn't mind it with all the new yummy snacks he was getting.  Below he is trying some fresh lemonade for the 1st time.  He liked it!!
But in the end the fair and the heat proved to be too much for the little guy.
An attempt at a family shot.  Of course Brayden was ready for the camera with his cheezy smile.

Brayden may not have gotten to ride any fair rides but at Grandma's later he got to ride the Fisher Price zebra naked!! HAHA!!  He looks to be enjoying the ride.

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