Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall + No Vikings on Sunday = Apple Orchard

So every year when the Vikings don't play on Sunday (Eric has no reason to say no) we head out to an Apple Orchard. This year the fall weather was definitely in the air so it was a quicker trip but still a good one.
We went to a new orchard this year Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings. We headed down to Char's first and she feed us a home made breakfast. Funny how your kid doesn't eat your french toast but Grandma's he loves. Than off to see the apples.
Chase really enjoyed climbing the hay bales (he could of went higher but none of us were climbing to get him down). There was a petting zoo with his favorite BAAAA's. Also my favorite the "Donkey". (I have a hard time looking at any donkey now with out hearing Eddie Murphy's voice from Sherk.) Also a llama was there which we stayed clear of.

Chase and I took a ride on the MooMoo Choo Choo train. Chase knows what a cows says and his lastest is letting us know what a train says. To quote him "Choo Choo Choooo" and he does a little arm action with it. (Think trying to get a trucker to honk their horn. That's his arm motion.)
Because it was starting to rain a little and it was colder out we didn't pick any apples this year. We just bought them in the store. We did let Chase pick out his own pumpkin. Of course he went to the first one he seen. Not the prettiest but it's the one Eric said he picked out so we got it. It's a big one so let's hope we can get it decorated before the squirrels eat it up.
Here are some pictures from our day in the Orchard:
Chase on the hay bales.
This shot on the moo moo choo choo was to funny. No I'm not squeezing him to death he's telling me what a cow says.
Family shot in the Orchard.
Chase's pumpkin.

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