Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes-I'm still alive!!

It's been a couple weeks since my last blog. We had a trip up to Thief River Falls scheduled for Oct 14-18. We made it up on Thursday after a over night stop in Detroit Lakes due to bad weather Wednesday night. We had planned to help with an Avon sale for my Grandma's stuff. But proved to be not much help. 18 month olds are a little busy for all that stuff. My mom and aunts sat in the cold garage for 2 days and tried to sell as much as they good. A think a couple more sells might be in the future. Grandma had a lot of items.
It also turned out to be a longer trip due to the fact that after almost a year they found my friend Gina Anderson. She had went missing with no clues last October. Finally they got permission to draw down the river. The search started Wed afternoon and after an hour they found her car. At the bottom of the river in town. She was in it and had been since that day in Oct when she went missing. So sad she was so close all this time. The family has been though so much but they now have closure. Gina's husband Jeremy called and asked me to be a casketbearer for the funeral. I was honored. Since I moved to the cities 10 years ago I slowly lost close contact with Gina and Jeremy. Something I have always regretted. In high school and for years after that we had a lot of great memories. And I will always cherish those. Gina you can now rest in peace free from pain and rumors.

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