Tuesday, March 2, 2010

22mths already

Checking the Fish out at the Rain Forest Cafe

Saying Cheese

Chase riding some fish at the MOA

Hard to believe but Chase is almost 2. We happen to be at the MOA for his 22 mth. We went to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner and than walked around the park and finished with some ice cream.

So what does a 22 mth old do? Well Chase is now saying full sentences. He repeats many words (or attempts too). He's enjoying sports a lot more. He's able to catch and throw a ball with good control. His basketball game has improved. He is also into swinging the baseball bat and playing hockey. Besides sports he's enjoying putting together puzzles, reading books on his own, painting, and singing. His favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus" and we hear it at most meal times now. He even got on the potty the other day and did a #1 and #2. He hasn't done it since than but it's a start.

He does or says something new everyday and makes us laugh and melts our hearts. We are so enjoying this age.

Chase doing his new favorite thing. Bowling on the WII. He also enjoys playing baseball too.

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