Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why you don't leave a 2 year old alone in the bathroom.

I left Chase to brush his teeth in our bathroom while I went to finish packing for our weekend trip up north. He had just had a bath and was about 10 mins away from bed. Mostly he brushes his teeth and comes back down the hall looking for me. It had been a couple minutes and I hadn't seen him yet. I called his name a couple times but he didn't come out. Than he appears out of the bathroom his hair totally slicked down all greased up. He got into Eric's crew pomade. Not sure how much he got in his hair. But it was a total mess!!!

I got a "that's why you can't leave 2 year old alone in the bathroom" from Eric. And Eric got to give him his 2nd bath of the evening.

Here's a shot of his hair dressing talents.

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