Monday, September 20, 2010

The Drury Family Vac in Duluth

We had talked all summer about finding some where to meet with the kids and enjoy a weekend away just us Drury's. Well summer came and went and no Drury vacation. I decided I was going to find some place for us to meet half way between Thief River Falls and the cities. It was a little over half way for the TRFers but I found a good deal on a hotel suite in Duluth. We stayed at the EdgeWater Water Park Resort right in downtown Duluth. It was a perfect fit with free water passes for everyone included in the price of the room. They also had a mini golf course, arcade, and jumpy to keep the kids busy. Our room had a great view of Lake Superior. The boys enjoyed sitting on the balcony with Grandpa and watching the ships and trains go by.

On Saturday we took in the water park and a pizza. Bridger and Chase showed us that they are indeed boys by playing catch and wrestling in the little space available in the rooms. After watching the trains go by our room all day Grandpa/Grandma promised them they could ride on one. So on Sunday we headed to the train Depot and took a short ride to Lester River. It was a perfect day to go because there wasn't a lot of other people on the train so we had a lot of room to move around and check out the different train cars. It was a nice relaxing trip and no one jumped off or made it derail. We finished Sunday off by heading down to Canal Park. We checked out the big ship, took a little walk and had dinner. Eric had to head home Sunday evening to get back to work on Monday. But we were happy he was able to get Saturday off to spend the day with us.(very rare for him to take a Sat off)

On Monday we had breakfast and started to pack up to head home. It always comes to an end way to fast. It took a couple trips to pack up my car with all my crap but the Flex proved it could handle all the luggage and baby gear. After checking out we headed to a park to enjoy the scenery a little more before heading home.

Great vacation and I'm glad we all were able to fit it in our busy schedules!!!

Enjoy the pics:
Chase and Bridger getting ready for the pool. (Check out the pink swim diapers Chase's daddy got him. )

Brayden's 1st time mini golfing.

The Bjorgaard's!! Brayden's 1st time mini golfing proved to be to much for him.

Chase and Bridger at the Train Depot waiting for the Train.

Chase and I getting ready to board.

Pictures from the train ride. The fisherman below actually caught a fish while we were stopped.

Enjoying the nice weather on the open train car. (Eric was happy because the train even had beer!!)

Canal Park
Chase playing a little ball at Leif Erickson Park.
Grandma & Grandpa Drury with the Bjorgaard boys at the Park.
I wish I would of had a better angle at this shot. So cute except a little windy so Chase's hair is everywhere.


  1. Little B is getting so big!! What does Chase think of him?

  2. We need to get all these boys together! It's a must after G has B2! Hope you're well and glad you love your Flex...we picked up another Edge 2 weeks ago!