Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chase's 4th Birthday Party!!

We held Chase's 4th party at Tuttle's Bowling Alley in Hopkins.  Chase enjoys to bowl and they have an arcade so figured it was the perfect spot. Below are some pictures I took from the party.

His Timberwolves cake
The bowling crowd.

Chase hit it big on a game!!

This is what Brayden did most of the time.  Skee Ball!

I forgot to get a picture of just him and the cake.  Eric said something after I started to cut the cake.  So this was the closest thing I got. 
The gifts:
A new green big boy hotwheels bike.

Ant Farm-We got the ants and they are making tunnels.

Butterfly Home-Haven't got the caterpillars yet should be kind of cool to watch the things turn to a butterflies.


Once again an attempted at a family shot. 
This was Chase come mid-afternoon that day.  As you can see Brayden was messing around with him and he had no idea. He was exhausted!!

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