Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busch Gardens-Tampa Bay

We decided Monday morning to head up to Tampa and go to Busch Gardens. Since it's only an hour drive we figured it would be better than the 2 hour drive to Orlando. Since we have a little one there wasn't much riding going to be happening. There was plenty of other things to see at the park. A lot of different birds, tigers, zebras, and other things you don't find in MN. Chase did really well all day. He mostly naps for 2 hours in the afternoon but he decided to nap on the 40 min train ride we took around the park to see the animals. It worked out perfect. The only melt down was when we went to the 4-D pirate show. We thought he was getting scared so we walked out but I guess he wasn't scared because once we left the tears came a flowing.

Chase mostly enjoyed chasing all the birds around the park. But our other favorite was the white tiger. He was right at the window for us all to see. I put Chase up by the glass to get a closer look and he got scared. It was pretty funny.

We stayed at the park until close which was 6. We had a bite to eat and than headed back home. Chase even stayed up for the hour drive home. He did so well all day long!! I'm sure he slept extra hard that night. I know Eric and I did.

Here are some photos from the day at Busch Gardens.

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