Monday, November 16, 2009

Vac Day 2-Sunday

We had the nice fortune of Chase sleeping in on the official 1st full day of vacation. We are thinking he was a little jet lagged. We spent Sunday morning looking for sandals for Chase. You would think it would be easy to find sandals down here but we had 2 strikes against us. It was early Sunday morning nothing was open and the kid has wide feet so what we did find really didn't fit well. We found something for a temp fix.
Sunday of course means football to many (not me). So Eric's boss told him of a bar a couple blocks away that would put the Vikings game on for him. So he headed there (he even walked there) and Chase and I headed to the back yard for a little pool action. But even with the warm sun the pool was to cold. So we kicked some beach balls around for a while and than Chase had to take a nap. I took the opportunity to lay out and catch up on some gossip magazines. I fell asleep in the sun after about 10mins of reading my magazine. No burn or tan though. Darn sunscreen!
Eric returned from watching his game and took a nap. Chase and I headed to the beach for a little sand fun and to catch the sunset. The sunsets around 6 here which is 5 MN time. So that sucks it would be nice to catch a little more sun each day. We had dinner at home and headed out for some ice cream. A nice relaxing day!
Here is Chase poolside kicking around his ball. My pool side music entertainment. (no longer a band and drinks now a kids toy and juice). Look Chase spelled his name out in the sand!! Chase and the sunset and Chase and I on the beach.

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