Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday-Travel Day

We were up early to hit the airport on Saturday morning. We got there at 7:45am took about 5 min to check out bags another 10 min to get though security and we were home free. We had a bite to eat at McD's and headed to our gate. We kept Chase off the plane as long as we could. We were one of the last to board which worked out well.
The flight went pretty good. Chase was really squirrely but that was to be expected out of an 18 month old. We read books, ate snacks, and attempted to watch a movie. (he was to busy hitting the keyboard on the laptop.) We were hoping he would nap but no such luck. The flight was ahead of schedule so we arrived in Tampa at 12:45 (11:45 MN time). We took a quick shuttle to baggage got our bags which were already on the belt and crossed the street to get our rental car and we were off. So overall a really good no delay trip and ahead of schedule.

It was a 40 min drive to our place. We got in before check in time but since we had the key we let our self in and unpacked. We were really hungry by than so we headed to the beach and found food and the ocean. We decided to get some groceries so we did a little shopping than retired back to our place for the night.
We were all a little tired from the travel day. We all crawled into bed and watched "Up". Chase lasted about 20 mins and Eric 40 mins.
All in all a good day. And it was sunny and hot!!!
The photos are Chase at the airport, a cool bridge we crossed, Eric's huge fish sandwich (still not sure how he ate the thing), Chase's 1st view of the ocean (I was 25 when I seen it for the 1st time), and Eric and Chase running from the tide.

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