Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chase's 1st Trick or Treat night

The weather was good enough for Chase's first time out. We met up with his cousins in Saint Louis Park to go out. He couldn't really say "trick or treat" but looked so darn cute people couldn't not give him candy. He really didn't get the whole ideal that we weren't going into these people's house. He kept trying to go into every one's house. It was pretty funny. In true kangaroo form he hopped between the homes. He filled his little pumpkin up and we headed back to have some candy!! I have to say though with all those candy bars and other goodies his favorite treat this season is candy corn. Every day he asks for more candy corn. And in his cute little voice says "Please" and once you give him a piece "Thank you".

Here are some shots of "Fonzie the Bee" and Chase. And Becka, Brita, Deb, and Chase.

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