Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chase attends his first movie on the big screen!!!

So many of you know Chase is obsessed with Toy Story. He has a couple Woody and Buzz dolls. He always wants to watch the movie, play the Toy Story apps on the I-pad, sing the songs from the movies, or read the Toy Story books. He's watched it so many times he now acts out parts of the movies. It's so darn cute to see his little imagination come out.

So we were all excited for the new movie to come out. I stayed back with Brayden and the rest of the family went to see the movie. In 3-D nonetheless. I was bummed I couldn't attend it with him. But there will be other movies. I made Eric promise to take some pictures.

Here are a couples shots.
I asked for his review and didn't get a lot of feed back but Eric said he seem to enjoy it and didn't have a problem watching the whole show.

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