Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grandma's Visit

Grandma & Brayden
Chase with all this bedtime friends (and new blanket)

Chase and Grandma cleaning windows

My mom planted a bunch of stuff in my bed not sure what everything is.

Lilies we planted (lets hope they make it)

My mom came and stayed for a little over a week. She was a great help with the kids. Though at times Chase proved to be to much for the both of us. I kept her busy with cleaning up my flower/plant beds and planting some new stuff. She also brought food so that was a big help as I hadn't shopped in a while.

We should of found more time to do some shopping and maybe going out to eat but with 2 kids it's just easier to stay home some times. We took turns taking naps with Brayden (he's such a cuddlier) and chasing around Chase from inside to outside. He only ran away from each of us just once. The week went fast and wish I had the clean up help more often. She would clean up after each of Chase's mess for him to just turn around an hour later and make the mess again.

She also brought lots of goodies for Chase so he didn't feel left out. His favorite is the Toy Story blanket she brought him. He now has added that to his bed time line up of things that have to sleep with him.

I'm sure she got home Monday and needs another week to recoup from this week.

Thanks Mom come back anytime!!! (if you dare!)

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