Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hanging with the Boys

We have been keeping busy on these nice days. I wish I could get out more but it doesn't always happen. I have finally gotten some color though so even though I'm not Team Tan's captain this year I'm still on the squad.

Here are some shots of what we have been up to.

I managed to get Chase to the St Louis Park pool today. It was another beautiful day!! Chase was a little scared to go in with all the kids. Than once in he thought it was cold. We played a while in the huge sand area they have for the kids. I finally talked him into trying the pool area again. He loved the whale slide in the kiddie area. Once we finished at the pool we stopped at the concession stand for some treats. Popsicles and freezes.

Last Sunday we headed over to the Rislov's backyard for some sun. They have a couple pools for the kids and tons of toys for them to play with. Chase wasn't a big fan of the pools (he likes them hot) but we got him in there long enough for tea time.

This picture of Addy is to funny. She gets on this 4-wheeler and cruises.

Chase has been keeping Russ busy. Here they are doing some sidewalk chalk body outlines.

I always try to bring Chase out once a month on a Saturday to Panera Bread in the Knollwood mall for breakfast. The Mall sucks but it's a nice place to let a kid run free for a hour. This was Brayden's 1st trip. And he did very well. He just sat and looked around the whole time. After we eat I always let Chase ride the cars in the middle of the mall.

Here are some photos of our trip there.

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