Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brayden's 2nd Birthday

It's been another 2 mths since I posted something.  The summer is flying by.  I have a couple things I want to put up here for our family and friends to see.  I hopefully will get it all done in the next couple weeks. 
As far as Brayden's big 2 goes it was on May 13th which this year also happen to be Mother's Day. We were traveling up to TRF for our niece Courtney's grad party so figured why not squeeze a 2nd birthday party on mom's day too. We booked a hotel room and also their party room since so many family were in town. The only problem and it was a big one. Brayden was sick with a cold. We tried to do the party early enough so he could enjoy it but with a running nose, fever, and lack of sleep he didn't make it very long. He had no interest in opening gifts or eating. He ended up falling asleep mid-party. So brother Chase and cousin Bridger had no issues with this as they opened all his gifts.
We tried to finish out Mother's day spending it with my mom and sister. We went to "Lover's Lane" to the park, did some fishing, and rock throwing. Than a bbq at Grandma/Grandpa's. Than for the mom's a late night trip to the casino.
Even though Brayden felt icky the party went down and he is still enjoying all the toys that make noises with light up buttons. And I'm enjoying the new clothes so he doesn't have to wear all his brother's 2nds.

The Birthday boy the morning of.

We had a Super Why party his favorite show to watch.  This is one of two shows the busy kid will watch.

Even Super Why himself Wyatt came to the party.

The birthday boy wanting chips what else.
The birthday day crowd

More birthday crowd

My nephew Bridger broke his leg so here is one of the toys that entertained him for 6 weeks.

Enjoying his piece of birthday cake.

Happy 2nd Birthday Brayden!!! Never stop running you busy little man!!


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