Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Parks & Bugs

I haven't blogged again much the last couple months just can't find the time anymore.  But wanted to share some of the favorite things we have been up too on the weekends and nights.  Chase was huge into bugs this spring/early summer.  He got a ton of stuff for his birthday and he waited patiently this spring for the bugs to come.  We kept telling him come a couple months they will be everywhere and all different kinds. Well I think he got sick of waiting and isn't the bug boy he was a couple months ago but still likes to pick up the strange looking ones and make his mom run away. 
Below are some of his bug finds.

Butterfly he caught and put into his cage.

Another shot of his butterfly which he had to take the cage to bed with him.  Needless to say this butterfly didn't get water. So RIP butterfly.

His Ant Farm he got for his birthday.  Gross!! They ate that green gel stuff that was their food. Some how they got mold inside and all started dying.  So RIP ants!
In the rain looking for bugs with his gun and gear!

Chase collecting worms.  Don't you love the smile?

One rainy day I decided to make some bugs that I like.  Chase enjoyed crafting them too.

The Summer of Parks!!
Early on in the year I decided since we don't have a great back yard we are going to take advantage of this great metropolis we live in and go to different parks.  Now the TC is known for having some great bike trails and parks so we have lots to chose from.  We have stuck to our area so they either are in walking, bike, or quick car distance away.  Brayden has no fear at the park so it's a great activity for the 2 of them to do together.  I even enjoy some of the equipment but since Brayden is such a whiz at the park I can even find a bench and sit down for a couple mins (rare).  Below are some pictures of the outdoor fun we have found.

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