Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chase starts his little league career

We were so excited to enroll Chase in some t-ball this spring.  He has always loved baseball and knew he would enjoy playing the game.  The season was May & June so pretty short but with 4 years old there is good reason so short.  Before this Chase has spent a lot of time playing baseball at the park, back yard, and in the house so he knows the game.  A lot of the other kids this was their first time playing the sport so it was pretty funny to watch.  Chase got right in there fielding the ball and throwing it to 1st base.  We mostly pitch the ball to him so the tee kind of threw him off but he still hit a couple long balls. Of course "flash Chase" ran as fast as he can to the bases each time.  Hopefully the speed keeps with him when he gets older (maybe a track career too).
His team was the Hopkins Rays.  There was one other 4 year old team so they played each other for every game.  He had 2 games a week so it kept us pretty busy.  Eric was lucky enough to take some time away from work on Saturday's to come watch too. 
Below are some pictures from the season.  The video is his first time at bat (sorry it's sideways from my phone).

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