Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

This year for our summer week away from home we went to a Gull 4 Seasons resort in Brainerd.  Eric's dad decided to book a whole week instead of just a long weekend.  The place had 5 bedrooms so it worked well for all the family to come and go.  Of course the weather is always an issue.  This year we had a couple rainy days and the bugs were bad.  So we had to plan our events around that but managed to still do a lot of different things.  Brayden got to go to the movies for the first time.  He lasted 20 mins before he wanted to get down and run. So on his first trip I took him out so it wasn't a full trip to the movies.  We did go-karts, mini-golfing, boat riding, turtle races, parks, shopping, throwing rocks, swimming in the pool, played video games, and of course fishing.  Chase and his cousins played a lot of Old Maid, Crazy 8's, and Go Fish to pass the bad weather bye.  Brayden tried to escape the place a couple times but with many eyes on him never got to far.  His favorite thing to do was throw rocks and the beach had plenty of those so he was in heaven.  We enjoyed the week away and much needed time with the boys and family. Wish we had more weeks each year to get together!!
Many pictures below from the week of fun.

Eric and Chase's 1st ride on a jet ski.

Brayden doing his thing every day we made a trip or two down to the rocks. 

The cabin we stayed in.

One of many bugs Chase found.

A train in Nisswa waiting for the Turtle Races.

Chase's Turtle

Brayden's Turtle

Chase's turtle almost won than took a turn away from the line.
Brayden on the mini golf course.


The crew mini golfing!!

And play all the video games you can.

When on vacation eat all the ice cream you can.

The Boys on the lake.

Chase found some rides along the streets of Nisswa.  

The A&W Bear and the Turtle out and about.
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Brayden loved the A&W Bear he would hug it and laugh at it.
Chase on his own go-kart track.  He loved it just got in the car and away he went.  He got to go around the track for 5 mins which was a long enough.

Feeding the resort ducks.
Feeding the ducks.

Chase winning at card games with his cousins.
Sunset on Gull Lake!!

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