Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost 8 years later the dinning room gets shades

This was a big moment for our household.  Having been at our place for almost 8 years we had never put shades on the dinning room windows or patio door.  We are the last people in our development so the alley ends with us except for the occasional kid hanging around back there not many people to be looking in the patio door.  There is older houses next door and on the rest of the block so they can see in the windows.  We figured they probably are getting sick of our late night Saturday poker/board game nights (a couple have gotten out of control).  So I finally broke down and figured out something to hang back there.  So far I really like it!  The curtain on the patio doors opens easy enough and I got the wood look without having to hang blinds.  I was worried it would close the room in too much but it actually turned out to look/feel more homey. 
Now you ask what the next project is. I really want to paint the great room and get new shades for those windows.  But I think that will wait another year and we will see how much more the boys can scrape up the current paint job.

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