Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brayden is 1!!!

Friday, May 13th Brayden turned the big 1!!  I took the day off to spend with the boys and get ready for his birthday party.  I made one of his favorites for breakfast pancakes & muffins.  The day once again was rainy but I decided to find something for the boys to do for fun indoors. Russ and I took the boys to Edinboroughs indoor park in Edina.  I love this place because it's so kid friendly.  Of course Chase took to the gym to play hoops.  I only got one picture of them in the playground area but they spent a little time in there.  They had a great little play area for kids 1-4 that is all padded.  So Brayden could play, fall, climb with out any worries of a bump or bruise. I had to talk Chase into getting into the big play area.  It's really tall and he told me "it's dangerous in there."  There is netting and padding all around the tubes, tunnels, and slides so there is no real danger.  I'm not sure if it's the 40 kids in there yelling that turns him off or if he was scared because it does go pretty high.  I finally went in there with him and played around.  I think I enjoyed it more than him.  We didn't have anything like this in TRF growing up. Uncle Russ says he can see himself going to this place more once Brayden is a little older.  Since most of the parents sit on their phones, laptops, and tablets doing their own thing.

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