Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brayden's new pain in the butt habit

Brayden's new fav thing is to play in Fonzie's water dish.  He likes to splash with his hands, feet, pour it on himself and than carry the bowls around.  Last Sunday he managed to drop one and it broke into a hundred pieces (none hit him thank god).  That is 2 bowls in one month that he has broken.  He broke Grandma Char's doggy Muffin's dish too last time we had Sunday lunch there. Below are some shots of him at play.  He's so proud of his naughtiness!

Hard to see in this pic but he gets it all over the walls too.

Fonzie being the great dog he is still lets the little man relax against him for Brayden's bottle time even though he's probably thirsty himself.

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