Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chase 3 year old stats

I figured I should get this out there before Brayden's 1st Birthday comes around next week. 
Chase had an excellent 3 year old doctor visit.  He's healthy and right on track as other 3 year olds.  We enrolled him in a summer school program starting in June for 8 weeks.  He will go twice a week for a couple hours each time.  We are doing this so he can get use to not always being at home and gets some social interaction with kids his age.  He's doing great at that now though.  He always finds friends at the park or at turf tots.  We hope all goes well with the summer program because we signed him up for a fall preschool class too.  That is also 2 days a week for a couple hours. 

His 3 year old well exam stats:
Weight: 39lbs (95%)
Height: 40 inches (95%)
BMI-17.4 (87%)
For the first time they took his blood pressure and that was right on track too.  He did get a shot for measles since there have been a couple cases in Hennepin County.  I guess he would have gotten this shot at 4 anyways so now no shot needed at his 4 year well visit.

The cutest part of the visit was they asked Chase to put on a gown so she could exam him.  When the nurse told him that he started to cry a little but with Eric's help he put the gown on and went back to drawing on the chalk board.  He looked so darn cute in the gown I made Eric take pictures.

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