Monday, May 23, 2011

Blogging-Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's been a couple weeks again since I've been on here to update the "The Bjorgaard Bunch". Some days next thing I know its 11:30 and I'm forcing myself to go to bed. Everyone said it but of course I had to experience it for myself "Life is very busy with 2 kids".

Like tonight, I found a simple task of vacuuming taking me over 50 mins to do. This is something that by myself would take 20 mins top (to do both the kitchen/living room/furniture) but with 2 kids not helping I was happy it wasn't over an hour. First- Brayden tangled himself up in the hose. Than he had one step in front of the vacuum while I did the kitchen floor. I would mostly sweep and be done with it but thanks to two storms over the weekend we now have little green leafy things all over the place. Next the dog had planted himself under the table and won't move even when I threaten to vacuum up his paws. I would normally just go around him but thanks to Chase's auntie Lindsay who got him the ice cream play-doh machine there are play-doh pieces covering the floor. After I broke out a treat for the dog and threw it into the other room for him to retrieve I was finally able to finish the kitchen. Next onto the living room where I had 20 mins prior picked up all the toys off the floor but Chase has now decided to play with the kitchen set so there is play food everywhere. Not a problem a quick pick up and I'm back to vacuuming. Than Chase says mom I have to poop so I put down the hose and get that job taken care of. All well fighting to keep Brayden out of the bathroom as all he wants to do in there is play with the toilet bowl scrubber, toilet paper roll, plunger, or tries to puts his hands in the toilet (while Chase is on it). If you shut him out of the bathroom he stands outside the door screaming. Finally back to vacuuming and after all of this I'm totally covered in sweat and hoping I'm losing some of the 10 pounds I still carrying from being prego with these two.

I finally finish vacuuming and look at Chase and say "I need a drink." He asks a drink of o.j. because I would like one too. I say "No something stronger like daddy drinks." He replies "oh beer".

And with that comment I laugh off the extra 30 plus mins it took me to do this simple task and think to myself maybe I can have another kid? I swear these little buggers have me brainwashed.

So with that all said I hope it explains why I don't blog as much anymore. I love sharing our stories and pictures for our family/friends that we don't get to see often but somewhere my time is being vacuumed up (ha ha).

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